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I got graduated and now I got a job, which means that I won’t be able to make edits everyday. I will answer the requests but it may take a while to post them. And I will need new members so if there’s anyone interested… just tell me. /nath

Brian Johnson from The Breakfast Club icons? — Anonymous

Ok /nath

your icons are fantastic. could you possibly make huey and riley freeman (from the boondocks s3) icons? — Anonymous

Could you send me a gallery? or some pics you want me to edit. Thank you so much btw /nath

hey could you make some aaron taylor-johnson icons from the kick ass movie? thank u so much! i love ur blog♥ — Anonymous

yes! thank YOU for appreciating my blog tho♥ /nath

hi :) can you make leighton meester's icons at life partners premiere please? :) — Anonymous

sure /nath

pode fazer headers de hp do enigma do principe??amo suas ediçoes — Anonymous

claro! muito obrigada <3 /nath

uhm, pode ser da 2ª temporada? se n der pra ser da segunda pode fazer de qualquer uma, obrigada :) — Anonymous

Pode de qualquer temporada. Mas é porque às vezes eu faço de uma, mas na verdade a pessoa preferia outra. Por isso que eu pergunto jklnsdkd /nath